Consumers Guide to 3 Pressure Washing Rip-Offs to AVOID

Posted by: Brandon Carnicle on April 29th, 2016



Rip-off #1: Unbelievably Low Price. To some degree, all of us are attracted to low price because we want to work within a budget. But is paying the lowest price the best deal? Some pressure washing contractors use low prices as the bait in order to land a job. They are hoping you are basing your buying decision on price alone and if they are the cheapest, they will get the job.  Unfortunately, once they get the job they have to take shortcuts in order to make a profit.  Make sure you are paying for the level of quality you expect.

Rip-off #2: Unsupported Claims:  Many fly by night pressure washers use portable cold water pressure washing equipment and claim they can remove oils and other stains from your concrete surfaces. The truth is that most concrete surfaces are extremely porous and hold stains below the surface and pressure washing can only significantly reduce the stain but still leaves behind a shadow where the stain was.  Hot water emulsifies the oil and allows much better results than cold water.
Rip-off #3: Offering To Wash Anything and Everything. Pressure washing contractors can wash many different surfaces like the exterior of your house, your garage and driveway, walkways, patios and pool deck. But not all surfaces are created equally and should either completely avoid pressure washing like a drywall ceiling on a patio and surfaces like flagstone and satillo tile require very delicate cleaning and require the pressure washing contractor to have the proper equipment and capability of adjusting the pressure to avoid any damages.

Make sure you hire a pressure washing contractor that is trained in cleaning the types of surfaces you need cleaned and has to proper equipment to perform the service correctly.

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